primary [prī′mer΄ē, prī′mə rē]
[ME prymary < L primarius < primus, first: see PRIME]
1. first in time or order of development; primitive; original; earliest
2. from which others are derived; fundamental; elemental; basic
3. designating colors regarded as basic, or as those from which all others may be derived: classification of colors as primary varies: see COLOR (n. 2 & 3)
4. of or in the first stage of a sequence; elementary [primary school]
5. first in importance; chief; principal; main [a primary concern]
6. firsthand; direct [a primary source of information]
7. Chem.
a) characterized by or resulting from the replacement of one atom or radical
b) characterized by groups or radicals that are attached to the end carbon atom of a chain, i.e., to a CH2 group (Ex.: primary alcohols, CH2OH; primary amines, CH2NH2)
8. Elec. designating or of an inducing current, input circuit, or input coil in a transformer, induction coil, etc.
9. Geol.
a) formed directly by sedimentation, solidification, or precipitation and not subsequently altered: said of rocks
b) Obs. designating or of the earliest geological periods, up through the Paleozoic Era
10. Linguis. having as its fundamental form a base or other element that cannot be broken down: said of derivation
11. Med. designating or having to do with the initial medical care given to a patient, before referral to another doctor, a specialist, etc.
12. Zool. designating or of the large, stiff feathers on the last section, or hand, of a bird's wing
pl. primaries
1. something first in order, quality, importance, etc.
2. in the U.S.,
a) a local meeting of voters of a given political party to nominate candidates for public office, select delegates to a convention, etc.
3. any of the primary colors
4. Astron.
a) a sun, planet, etc. in relation to its satellites
b) the brighter member of a binary star
5. Elec. a primary coil
6. Zool. a primary feather: see BIRD

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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